Nevermind Slate, here are better podcasts you’re still not listening to.

And I won’t even make you read a ridiculous top ten/25 list¬†or give you ridiculous definitions. I won’t even make the ridiculous claim that these are the best 25 OF ALL TIME.

Listen to The Heart (nee AudioSmut). These people know what they’re doing. And they’re often queer, usually feminists, and often people of color. Beautiful sound design and storytelling. This shit is the future of your radio.

Adam Stone is a brilliant weirdo poet from the Boston/Cambridge area who writes brilliant weirdo poetic entries about his love life at The Crooked Treehouse. He recently turned his essays/stories about realizing his sexuality into a podcast, and there aren’t enough episodes. This stuff about Rex was previously recorded in a podcast which I couldn’t afford to host anymore, but recorded in 2006. It. is. epic.

I enjoyed this episode of Unfictional from KCRW so much I decided to put it on the radio show I produce and pay them some money for it, because that’s just a decent thing to do. There’s a big surprise in here about someone not being who they claim to be, and I suppose you’ve already read too far for me to warn you about SPOILERS.

Also, listen to this comet. No, seriously. Somebody figured out how to turn a damn comet into an instrument. If that’s not one of the best podcasts of all time, Slate can get bent.

If you’re still wanting more, Ms. Julia Furlan has got you covered. And you have problems.

Honorable? mention goes to Daisy & Co. for Serially Obsessed. It’s the only podcast about a podcast I’d ever listen to, because, I’d frankly rather listen to Daisy’s insights than Serial itself, sometimes.